Police Officer Teaches Student How To Tie His Tie During Traffic Stop

A University of Wisconsin-Stout student was speeding and late for class, then got a lesson he wasn't expecting.

People have all sorts of excuses when they get pulled over for speeding, but some apparently work better than others.

Trevor Keeney, a University of Wisconsin-Stout student, seems to have hit the jackpot. Last month, he was pulled over by Officer Martin Folczyk, who saw him flying down the street in his BMW, according to Fox News.

When Folczyk pulled the student over in a parking lot, Keeney told the officer why he'd been driving over the speed limit. 

"I have to get a tie tied. I have a presentation and I thought my buddy was home but he's not, and I'm running behind," Keeney says in a video posted on Facebook. "He knows how to tie ties and I honestly don't know how to."


Office Folczyk then asked where the student's tie was, took it, and told him to get his license and registration while he took care of it.

"While I do this, why don't you grab your proof of insurance and your driver's license real quick," Officer Folczyk said. "Probably not the best knot, but it will work."

The student was clearly grateful, not just for the tie lesson but also for the fact the officer let him off with a warning.

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