Naked Photographer Captures Priceless Reactions To His Nudity

Let's mix things up.

Do you ever get intimidated when people take photos of you? No? What if we added a makeup artist, a team of production assistants, and an audience of a couple dozen?

The photographer/subject relationship has never been about being equal.

Trevor Christensen, a Utah-based photographer, strives to "level the playing field in an unorthodox way" through his work. For his ongoing project "Nude Portraits,"  he shoots fully-dressed subjects while being completely naked himself.

"Instead of focusing on bringing the subject to a place of ease -where I am, this project brings me to a place of vulnerability," Christensen explains on his website

From uncomfortable giggles to weird stares, we love every single reaction to the nude photographer. Scroll down to see Christensen's photos with short descriptions of his subjects below.


"Susie, 22, Met on Tinder"

"Jason, 24, Friend, Roofer"

"Hillary, 24, Friend, Student"

"Members of the band Fictionist"

"Jordan, 24, Friend"

"Karin, 20, Acquaintance, Porn & Cam Model"

"Madelyne, 25, Elementary School Friend, Executive Assistant"

"Bob, 72, Lawyer, Met through Tinder"

"Austin, 27, Girlfriend at the time, Middle School Teacher"

"Torrie, 30, Producer/Director"

"From his expression you’d never know he was sitting on his bed, starting into the camera of a crouching naked man. This was about 35 minutes after the first photo was taken. People can get used to almost anything"

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