Trendy Shoes Guaranteed To Put That Spring In Your Step This Season

Walk a new walk.

Spring is finally underway and as the weather warms up and the flowers bloom, our spring wardrobes call for a fresh boost.

Which is why we've rounded up a bunch of trendy footwear guaranteed to put that spring (pun intended) in your step this season; motivating you to walk a new walk or talk a new talk. 

For instance, if you've set exercise goals for yourself this April or want to walk your way into a new volunteering opportunity, try any of these stylish shoes on for size. Because a good shoe can help take you to good places. 


1. A platform sandal

These eco-friendly platform sandals are perfect for a spring day with friends and family. If you're craving a little more family time, sport these sandals to brunch with your parents or a shopping date with your sister. 

2. A lace-up heel

Could love be in the air for you this spring? Why not? Ask out your crush this season and then show off these romantic white heels at your date. Remember: confidence is sexy, and if a little heel can boost your confidence, then go for it.

3. A chic mule

Be the ultimate girl boss in a chic, work-appropriate mule this season. They'll work perfectly with a skinny trouser, a neutral culotte pant, or whatever power suit you've got hanging in your spring wardrobe. 

4. A statement sneaker

If spring is your time to shine — at the gym or in a marathon race, that is — then motivate your exercise goals with a new pair of killer sneakers. We love these detailed ones by Adidas and Stella McCartney, and there are plenty of other brands that have running shoes tailored towards your specific needs.

5. A comfortable sandal

Take on a volunteering opportunity this spring in a comfortable pair of shoes that will allow you to focus on the task at hand. Different cities have different opportunities, but we suggest volunteering at a local animal shelter to help promote pet adoption. You'll look good and feel good with a good sandal leading the way to a good deed. 


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