You're Wrong If You Think Trees Are All Good

These trees can't even.

Out there in the big wide universe of the Internet, there exists a subreddit dedicated to trees sucking at things.

Because when trees aren't busy helping create the air we breathe, they are sucking at everything from holding their liquor, to having solid trunks, to telling the truth. 

Some of them even suck at just being trees. 


"Trees Suck At Being Trees"

Via  Stellarguymk

"Trees Suck At Holding Their Liquor"

Via  Floppybunny26

"Trees Suck At Being Sober"

Via  Ugunti72

"Trees Suck At Being Solid"

"Trees Suck At Twerking"

Via  Kunoburesu

"Trees Suck At Being Polite"

Via  Gerbie3000

"Trees Suck At Public Decency"

Via JimOlmeyer

"Trees Suck At Reality"

"Trees Suck At Going For Leisurely Strolls"

Via  JimOlmeyer

"Trees Suck At Hiding Polar Bears"

Via  CheezyMcWang

"Trees Suck At The Seaside 'Windswept' Look"

"Trees Suck At Telling The Truth"

Via  Moby__dick

"Trees Suck At Doggy Style"

"Trees Suck At Having Boobs"

"Trees Suck At Controlling Their Gluttony For Railings"

"Trees Suck At Letting Rainbows Through"

 Via Crashsuit

"Trees Suck At Getting Out Of The Way"

"Trees Suck At Being Sad Dragons"

"Trees Suck At Poker Face"

"Trees Suck At Being Green"

Via JimOlmeyer

"Trees Suck At Riding Bikes"

Via  BannedWolf


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