He Made A Vacation Into A Viral Rap Video. Stepmom's Reaction? Not Good.

His stepmother did NOT find it amusing. At all.

30-year-old Travis Henning has done what generations of people have long thought impossible: he made a family vacation wildly entertaining to total strangers. That's because Henning took footage of his family's August boating and tubing trip in Lake Charles, Louisiana and edited it into a rap video, which he posted to YouTube and then Reddit, in a post benignly titled "Edited a video of my family's day on the lake together. Stepmom was not happy."


The video takes audio and video from Clyde Carson’s “Slow Down” (featuring The Team) and edits it together with his family members enjoying their day.

The video has already generated a new meme on Imgur: "Renegade Dad."

But it gets even better...

What makes it brilliant are the samples of a woman — presumably his stepmom — telling whoever is driving to slow down.

You just have to see it to believe it.

Clyde Carson's original video for "Slow Down" can be found here.


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