This Woman Who Takes 'Chinning' Travel Selfies Is The Instagram Hero We Need

She looks at the world from an unexpected angle.

When it comes to adventure (and Instagramming it), Michelle Liu dives in chin first. The 21-year-old chronicles her travels from Budapest to Beijing, and everywhere in between, through photographs from an unsuspected angle, namely selfies taken while lying down with her phone in front of her face. 

Called @chinventures and with more than 60,000 followers, Lui's popular Instagram allows the public a peek into a personal passion project years in the making. "My chinning entertained my friends all through middle school, high school, and college, at which point I decided to share my chin with the world," Liu told Mic


In doing so, she's turning the trend of perfectly-curated travel photos on its head — literally.

Most of the response to Liu's pictures have been positive, though some have expressed concerns that chinning, in general, is a form of implicit body shaming because it can be interpreted as reinforcing mainstream beauty standards that having a double chin is always unflattering. 

"While I can see where this may be coming from, there was not a single moment in my journey where I thought chinning would end up shaming others," Liu clarified to Bustle in an article explaining the unintended negative consequences of chinning. "I started chinning as my outlet to have fun and embrace my differences. … If anything, I want chinning to be a way to defy those high standards and to encourage everyone to be comfortable with themselves."

"I want the account to encourage you to be yourself and have fun while doing it," Liu added to Insider. "The thing I love most is that I didn't know I would inspire people. I get messages and comments on my account about how much I inspire people and feel blessed. I never expected the popularity." 

Though Liu's chinning may not be everyone's cup of tea, that is the beauty of Instagram and social media in general. Everyone who uses social media can opt in — and out — of what they see. That's an important reminder in the modern age of misleadingly impeccable posts, and one of the reasons Liu created her light-hearted account in the first place. So while Liu may not be everyone's Instagram hero, she was never meant to be. 

So, is she #winning the 'gram game?

Who cares? She's #chinning it.

(H/T: Self)


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