Transgender People Share Photos Of What They Want To Wear, But Don't Because Of Judgement

"Why are you wearing a suit?"

Many believe fashion to be a form of self-expression. Needless to say, we should be able to express ourselves without a fear of being judged, ridiculed or worse.

Now, Meredith Talusan, a transgender writer and advocate, has started an important conversation addressing trans style, shedding light on the ways the trans community "censor(s) how they dress in order to survive." Titled What I Wanted To Wear, the movement urges the trans community to share photos of the outfits they actually wanted to wear along the ones they ended up wearing. 

"Whether or not you're trans, we hope you'll join our conversation about what we express and repress when we put on clothes," Talusan writes on Medium.

Scroll down to see some of the submissions.


Pax's outfit for attending a talk.

Pax explains the outfit on Medium:

"Since I transitioned from female to male two years ago, dressing myself has become both simpler and more stressful [...] I readily switched to wearing men's pants and shoes [...] But it was harder to give up the plunging necklines, form-fitting tops, and strappy tanks that made up a good portion of my wardrobe. I wore these for comfort, not to show off my curves. 

I considered wearing the shirt on the left anyway and just dealing with people thinking I was a woman, but then I thought about the potential consequences."

Tyler's karaoke outfit.

Tyler shared the following comment along with the two photos:

"Tonight, I am going to karaoke. It starts at 9PM, and I will probably get home after 1AM. I want to wear a skater dress  —  it's hot out, I look adorable, and I'm just in the mood to flounce around in a dress. However, I hardly feel safe wearing a dress when the sun is out, let alone traveling home by myself at 1AM."

Tyler's outfit for wandering through Midtown Manhattan.

Tyler explains:

"I would love to wear a crop top with the word "tomboy" across the front, but it has drawn so much attention (in the form of laughter, stares, people attempting to guess my gender and what body parts I have as they walk by) in the past and I don't feel like dealing with that today. Instead, I wear a thin tank top underneath a green plaid button-down paired with cutoff shorts. I feel more hidden underneath layers, and feeling hidden means feeling safe."

Alok's outfit for a photo shoot.

"Today I had a photo shoot in my house. What I love about being at home is that I can wear whatever the hell I want! [...] When I left the house after the shoot I decided to wear the outfit on the right. I knew that people would probably read me as a gay man. But I knew that would probably get me home without being followed. Sometimes that feels like enough."

Meredith in a professional setting.

Meredith comments:

"Whenever I'm in formal or professional situations, I perform what I call "binary drag" where I make myself look as conventionally female as possible. I hope to have the gumption one day to show up to an event or interview wearing a suit, which I got fitted for but never bought.

'Wait, aren't you supposed to be a trans woman? Why are you wearing a suit?' I imagine folks asking, as I flash back to all the ways I've been gender-policed over the years."

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(H/T: Cosmpolitan)


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