Transgender Rights Activists Protest With Giant Transgender Pride Flag At Lincoln Memorial

"We #WontBeErased, and we won't be forgotten, and we won't be ignored," the activists wrote of their act of protest.

A group of transgender rights activists made a big statement on Monday, unfurling a 150-foot transgender pride flag in front of the Lincoln Memorial in protest of the Trump administration's stance towards the transgender community. 

According to The Hill, the protest was organized by the National Center for Transgender Equality and other local activists. The group shared photos of the protest on Twitter, also writing, "We #WontBeErased, and we won't be forgotten, and we won't be ignored. Today, we worked with local advocates and community members to unfurl a 150-foot trans flag on some of our nation's most visible real estate: the Lincoln Memorial."

The demonstration comes a week after The New York Times reported that the Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) has proposed limiting the legal definition of gender to rely solely on biological characteristics. Under the proposed change, a person's gender would be defined based on the genitalia recorded at birth. The definition would essentially eradicate federal recognition of transgender and nonbinary people, excluding them from protective civil measures in healthcare, education, and more. 


News of the potential redefinition of gender under Trump's presidency has been met with swift and fierce backlash from both LGBTQ members and supporters. Advocates have launched the a public campaign using the hashtag #WontBeErased, a message meant to reassert that transgender and nonbinary people cannot and won't be expunged from society.

Politicians have also spoken out against the proposed redefinition. "The Trump Administration's ongoing assault on transgender Americans betrays not just that history and not just the progress for which millions have bravely sacrificed, but our most fundamental responsibility to treat and see each other as human," Rep. Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts told The Hill.  

This isn't the first time that protestors have used the transgender pride flag in response to the HHS proposal. On Sunday, spectators at a World Series game between the Red Sox and the Dodgers also made themselves heard by unrolling a large flag that read "Trans People Deserve to Live." The flag could be seen across the stadium, as captured on social media.

Cover image via  Wasan Ritthawon / Shutterstock.


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