She May Not Be Your Typical Homecoming Queen, But That's What Makes It Even Better

Wear the crown proudly.

Becoming Homecoming Queen can be a big deal for a high school girl.


However, for Landon Patterson, it meant much more than just a crown.

All she ever wanted was for "her peers to see her as a regular girl," but that wasn't an easy thing for Landon to do.

She thought that coming out as transgender would be a disaster, but life in high school actually became easier for her.

In the video below she says, "I feel like I'm not lying anymore or putting on a show."

Once Landon was able to overcome her fears, she was much happier and became comfortable enough to wear her schools cheerleader uniforms and dresses.

One guy even enlisted her fellow cheerleaders for this special invitation to Homecoming. 

Her wish is that one day transgender people will be seen no differently from others.

With inspiring people like Landon leading the way, we're sure that day will come. 

Watch the Buzzfeed profile on this amazing Homecoming Queen below.


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