Trans People In Happy Relationships Show Us 'Love Is Love'

"I just love him. That's all I know."

Last year, contributing BuzzFeed writer Raquel Willis wrote a compelling essay on the challenges of dating as a transgendered person, and the unfair assumption that trans people ought to be grateful for anything they can get when it comes to romantic relationships.  

While many trans people continue to struggle for acceptance, and many men continue to be stigmatized for loving trans women, discussing such topics is a good start to educating the public, and reversing misconceptions about trans people and love. 

"If we continue to empower trans people, we will also empower humanity as a whole," Willis concludes her essay. "No one should have to live or love in the dark."

To give us a refreshing representation of trans people in healthy relationships, whose partners ensure they do not have to "live or love in the dark," BuzzFeed presented a video in 2015 titled "Trans Love is Love."


Watch "Trans Love is Love" below:

In the video above, couples discuss what it's like being in their relationship, acceptance, and how they experience love. Hopefully it will be no surprise to our readers that their experiences sound no different from any other happy couple's. 

"I think people just don't realize. a lot of the time, just how fluid sexuality is and sexual orientation [is]," says one participant in the video, referring to her decision to transition six to nine months into her relationship. "... Just because you're transitioning to a gender your partner is not normally attracted to, doesn't mean they'll necessarily want to leave you." 

See some more highlights from the video below: 

"I just love him. That's all I know... I really don't think that I would have been able to achieve half the things I have in my life without having him in it."

"This relationship has kind of taught me what love really is."

"Once you find somebody that is accepting of who you are, and that loves you the same way that you love them, and you guys are able to work in that way, then hold on tight to that — because that's a rarity."

This is what love looks like:


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