You'll Never Want To Leave Bed Again With This Incredible Japanese Invention

We can't live another day without this.

There are several strong, let's even say unbreakable, bonds we make in life. That with our family, high school friends, our first pet and, if we're lucky, a significant other might get on the list. 

But there's hardly a bond as strong as the one we have with our ... bed. Just think of it.

How many times were you sitting at work, blissfully daydreaming about the moment you return home and tumble into that soft king-sized cloud? Or after a night of heavy partying, aren't you the happiest person alive when you crawl back into its loving arms?

Well, wait no more! The relationship with your bed is about to hit an all-time high thanks to this wonderful invention. 

Presenting — kotatsu!


Kotatsu is a traditional Japanese table used as a heating source in the cold winters. Wait ... what?!

Because most buildings in Japan are uninsulated and rooms are heated separately, locals have long depended on the centralized heat source that is a kotatsu.

The graph below shows the construction of modern (above) and old-fashioned (below) kotatsu. As you can see, it consists of a small table with a heater underneath. The entire mechanism is then covered in a heavy blanket to trap the heat.

But don't be mistaken! It's so much more than just a fancy radiator. According to Japanese blogs, kotatsu is a traditional home center for many families.

"It's always warm under the table, so everyone gathers around to cook nabe (hot pot) on a portable stove, eat mandarin oranges and watch television," informs Nippon.

In Japanese tradition, families gather around the warm kotatsu to talk, play games, enjoy naps and whatnot.

As you probably already figured, kotatsus come in all shapes and forms. From simple, DIY blanket forts ...

... to luxurious hibernation spots made to swallow you with their comfiness.

All that autumn and winter abomination happening outside the window is not scary at all when you have this, is it?

If you don't feel handy enough to make one yourself, you can buy such kotatsu starting from $125.

Ready to become the ultimate couch potato? We know we are!

(H/T: 9gag | Japan Info)

Cover image via  Tupungato / Shutterstock.


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