Tracy Morgan Shares With Ellen How His Daughter Inspired Him After His Accident

"I got to see her take her first steps."

In June 2014, comedian Tracy Morgan was involved in a car accident in which he suffered a severe brain injury and broke several bones. He was in a coma for two weeks. Morgan has been open about the experience in the months since his recovery, and this week he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote Fist Fight, his first new movie since returning to public life.

"They gave me a 2 percent chance of living," he told the host, "but God gave me a second chance."

Morgan shared how much love he's felt from his fans since the accident. "I just want to have the opportunity to give it back," he said. DeGeneres pointed out that he's doing just that by going on tour and making people laugh.

Morgan then shared how his daughter, who was not even a year old when the accident happened, inspired him to get back on his feet.

"I missed her first birthday because I was in a coma, but I got to see her take her first steps, and that inspired me that night," he said. "Me and my wife saw her walk for the first time, and I got out of my wheelchair and I started walking. I mean, my wife went crazy, because my femur was still in little pieces, but she inspired me to get out of my wheelchair and walk."

Morgan went on to say that he believes his purpose in life is to "spread love, especially in the world right now that we're living in." Then he told DeGeneres a little too much information about his sex life and made the audience howl with laughter. Some things never change.


Hear everything Tracy Morgan had to say in the video below:


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