Fitness Expert Tracy Anderson Explains Why Morning Exercise Can Empower You To Be Your Best Self All Day Long

"Everyone needs to know — you're capable of lighting your own morning spark."


Tracy Anderson, fitness expert and founder of the Tracy Anderson Method, sat down with A Plus' Claire Peltier to discuss how exercising first thing in the morning can help jumpstart a person's day and help them become their best self. 

"You need to connect to yourself physically in the morning before you take on the rest of the day, and I think starting ... with that morning spark: 'I'm there! I'm alive! I'm awake! I'm gonna be able to take on the day!' " she said in the above video. "You house your intellectual self and your emotional self and your spiritual self inside of your physical self, so it's not a bad idea to connect them all."

According to Anderson, a morning workout can instill people with an instant "push of adrenaline" and "positive hormone releases" that can help a person maintain a more upbeat mentality all day long. The Mayo Clinic affirms that exercise delivers oxygen and other nutrients to your tissues, which improves the cardiovascular system. With better heart and lung health comes more energy. Additionally, doctors have attributed that great post-workout feeling to a release of three key positive neurotransmitters: endorphins, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

"Everyone needs to know — you're capable of lighting your own morning spark," Anderson said. "I want you to be your brightest light."

Over the past 14 years of research and refinement, Anderson has honed her exercise method to target the small, accessory muscle groups so women and men everywhere can achieve their optimal health — and have fun doing it. 

From the smile on Peltier's face, she certainly did. 


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