Pay Homage To The Tracksuit With A Supercut Of Iconic Workout Gear In Film

Ben Stiller's a big fan.

The full tracksuit might have its origins in the apparel worn by track and field athletes from a century ago, but wearing one as casual attire didn't really become acceptable until jogging evolved into something of a national craze midway through the 20th century. Not long after, this reality became reflected through cinema, where it's popped up again and again over the last 50 years. For proof of the trend, Travis Greenwood and Robert Jones put together a supercut titled "Leisure On The Lens: Tracksuits In The Movies."

Although you might strain to come up with iconic tracksuit outfits in film yourself, the video will instantly jogstart your memory. From classics like Sylvester Stallone's Rocky to recent comedies like Dodgeball, a shocking number of movies have had characters casually donning the look. The three-minute cut is stitched together from a whopping 74 movies, and the best part is how often Ben Stiller shows up.


Here he is in 'Starsky and Hutch:'

Robert Jones via YouTube

'Dodgeball,' of course:

Robert Jones via YouTube

And 'The Royal Tenenbaums:'

Robert Jones via YouTube

You'll probably remember these guys fondly from 'Dude, Where's My Car?'

Robert Jones via YouTube

And even the cartoon world loves a good relaxed workout:

Robert Jones via YouTube

To further satisfy your tracksuit-and-Ben-Stiller-looking-ridiculous fix, check out the full video below:

Cover image: Robert Jones via YouTube


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