Tracee Ellis Ross Has A Clever Way Of Explaining Sexual Harassment To Those Who Don't Get It

Listen to her read "The Handsy Man."

Tracee Ellis Ross filled in as guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night, as Kimmel is with his baby son following his latest heart surgery. The Black-ish star decided to use her platform to speak out about an important issue — the sexual harassment problem in and out of Hollywood.

"Over the past few months, countless brave women have come forward to share their experiences, and while I'm not totally surprised by these stories, it seems like quite a few men are," Ross shared. So, to help explain the issue in simple terms, she read from a children's book called "The Handsy Man."


The book uses rhymes and illustrations to break down inappropriate behavior. "Handsy Man, based on the news, you seem to be a bit confused," Ross reads. "Listen, and I'll explain to you, all the things you may not do."

Ross' book warns against everything from objectifying comments to indecent exposure and groping. "And if I am your employee," she says at one point, "don't rest your hand upon my knee. No, I won't sit on your lap. I shouldn't have to say this crap."

The book ends with a simple but very important message to sum things up for anyone still confused about what is and isn't appropriate: "If she doesn't consent — the answer is NO."

Hear the entire book in the video below:


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