Scientists Can Now Put A Copy Of Your Organs On A Microchip

It's already happening.


Imagine your body receiving cancer treatment without you actually needing to be there. Imagine knowing how your body will specifically respond to that treatment before you ever receive it. Imagine putting your body (well, not all of it) on a microchip. You might not be able to, but luckily, some scientists at the University of California Berkeley can… and already have. Combining biology and computer engineering, they've created "organs on a chip."

With just a quick swab of your saliva, these researchers can reprogram almost any adult cell into an undifferentiated cell, which they then place on a silicon microchip. This ground-breaking discovery will allow doctors to try out different medical treatment plans, like chemotherapy, on a patient's cells before the actual patient. This way, doctors will gain an unparalleled level of foresight into potential treatment and can therefore develop a plan that gives their patient the greatest chance of survival. 


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