Meet Graphene, The ‘Miracle Substance’ Scientists Want To Use To Make Your Next Car

This foam-like material can withstand a literal ton. What can you do?


Both ultra light and ultra strong, graphene has been making headlines for over a decade as the world's first two-dimensional material.

Hailed as a "miracle substance," the possible applications of graphene — both today and years from now — are seemingly endless. And those capabilities are already growing, as researchers at Graphene Technologies have developed a breakthrough variation. 

Just a pinky-sized cylinder, with the same density as bamboo, can withstand a literal ton of pressure pushing down on it.

Currently, graphene's main purpose is to improve the performance and efficiency of commonly used materials and substances. In the near future, however, Graphene Technologies aims to use the material on its own to create lighter, more energy-efficient automobiles, as well as transform the human-built environments in which they exist. 

Not only do all roads lead to graphene, but several might even be made of it someday — and that someday could be a lot sooner than you think. 


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