These Die Hard Disney Fans Just Recreated Andy's Room From Toy Story

Nailed it.

If you were sad to say goodbye to your favorite cowboy and space ranger hero afterToy Story 3 ended, you'll be happy to know they're about to have one last hurrah. 

Die-hard Disney fans Morgan McGrew and her brother Mason are showing their appreciation for the animated film in a big, big way. 


They're shooting a live action, full length shot-for-shot recreation of 'Toy Story 3.'

"We decided to remake Toy Story 3 about a year after theatrical release. Why? Well, it is our favorite movie," Morgan told A Plus. "We think it is so perfect. We knew that we had to thank Pixar for it with a fan film." 

To properly recreate each shot, the McGrew siblings had to start collecting tons of props and toys to use in their real life sets. That meant spending lots of time on eBay and finding creative ways to build their own props. "Building props and sets is definitely the hardest part," Morgan said. 

I think it's safe to say their hard work is paying off. When you look at the side-by-side comparisons, it's hard to tell which scene is from the original and which is from the remake. 

The McGrews' recreation of Andy's bedroom is pretty spot on. Check out some of the comparisons below:

They even successfully recreated the movie poster.

For a sneak peek at the film so far, watch their video here:

You can keep up-to-date with this film's progress by following its Facebook page

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