Wait, Is Sid Actually A Good Kid? The Honest Trailer For 'Toy Story' Will Make You Rethink Everything.

This changes everything.

Some things are sacred. Like religious observances and three-day weekends, people should know by now not to mess with Pixar, and in particular with Pixar's first and greatest film, Toy Story. (Yes, we know the idea that Toy Story is the best of all Pixar movies is highly contentious, but we stand by our beliefs.) Now, Screen Junkies has gone and poked the (Teddy) bear by making an Honest Trailer for Toy Story. Lucky for them it's hilarious or they'd have an army of nostalgic millennials to answer to. The trailer peels back the movie's kid-friendly veneer to reveal the deep existential questions lying just beneath the surface of the seemingly simple story. We were not prepared for all these feels.

The video causes us to re-examine a whole lot of things we thought we knew about this beloved movie. We're now stuck wondering if Woody is such a good guy after all and how toys are born. But the biggest question we're left to ponder is this: Have we been misjudging Sid this whole time? The movie's most-hated character might actually be a perfectly nice, even creative kid who just wants someone to pay him some attention once in a while. Man, now we're confused and sad.

Watch Screen Junkie's Honest Trailer for Toy Story below.


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