A Town In Canada Is Celebrating Christmas In October For A Heartbreaking Reason

It's a Christmas miracle!

October 24 is Christmas in St. George, Ontario.

It's not because Canadians live on some otherworldly time zone. The reason this entire town is coming together and lighting up their Christmas decorations is a little boy named Evan Leversage.

See, 7-year-old Evan suffers from terminal brain cancer, which he's been courageously battling almost his entire life. However, Evan's doctors recently informed his family that his condition is getting worse and there's not much left to do.

But instead of meeting the grim news with sadness and tears, Evan's family decided to fill his last months with happiness and joy. Here's what they did:


Evan's cousin, Shelly Wellwood, decided to give him the ultimate gift — one last Christmas. So she started posting these fliers around St. George.

It all probably would've been just a relatively small event if not for Brandy King, owner of the local flower shop La Petite Fleur.

After receiving this flier from Evan's cousin, Brandy posted in on Facebook inviting the community to decorate their own stores and houses with lights, and help deliver the last Christmas miracle to Evan and his family.

Needless to say, it blew up from there!

A massive amount of responses from people wanting to participate started flooding Shelly's way.

People not only volunteered to decorate their houses, but offered to donate Christmas dinner, photograph the event, sing carols, send gifts and whatnot ...

With help from the entire community, St. George and Evan will be celebrating Christmas this Sat., Oct. 24.

According to the official Facebook event page, the celebration will consist of "dancers, cadets, firetruck, Lions club float, lots of horses, a DeLorean, a Shelby mustang, a cement truck, a dump truck, Touch the Truck float, some family and local business floats and Santa and his reindeer will be making an appearance."

Not bad for Christmas in October, eh?

Brandy King told the Washington Post she was shocked with how many people got onboard and how quickly they turned this event to an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime celebration for Evan and his family.

"I've been overwhelmed with how loving and generous our community is," she said.

Message about these early Christmas went far beyond St. George and Ontario. People from all over the world are now sending their Christmas wishes to Evan.

Send your message to Evan by posting on his Facebook page with the hashtag #LightsUpForEvan.

Shelly Wellwood has also started a GoFundMe campaign to solicit donations for Evan's mom and his two brothers. The money will go towards helping the family with food and living expenses, and possibly starting a savings plan for Logan and Tyson's future education. 

Be a part of this Christmas miracle if you can.


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