Mom Blogger To Brock Turner's Judge: You Have Failed

"You have failed me. You have failed my daughters. You have failed your wife and your own kids."

When I logged on to Facebook this morning and read that Brock Turner was getting out of jail this coming Friday on 'good behavior', I threw up. 

I don't mean this in a metaphorical way. I mean I actually felt so sick that I had to run to the toilet, stick my head into the bowl and vomit the absolute nothing that was in my stomach after a night's sleep. I was disgusted, I was outraged, I felt sick, but most of all: I was scared shitless.

You see, I am raising three girls, three women of tomorrow, and apparently, I am raising them into a world whereby a man can rape a woman, get arrested, trailed and convicted, and then get out of jail after a pathetic few months stint, almost as if to say that all he did was litter or not recycle his plastic bottles.

Apparently, I need to teach my girls to be scared, to be careful, to protect themselves because rape is not just something that still happens, it's also something that is considered 'not that bad' if such light sentences are applied.

I need to tell them:

Don't drink too much at parties. In fact, just don't drink. Actually, better don't go to any parties' just in case. Don't wear dresses, or skirts, tight t-shirts or anything that might be considered sexy. Don't ever walk alone at night. Don't get into cars with people you don't know. Actually, don't get into cars with people you do know either. Don't leave your drink unattended, don't trust anyone, in fact, best if you just never leave the house.

Do you see how absurd that is?

Many people blame Brock. Many blame his dad. I blame both of them, that's a given. Brock - for thinking rape is okay and his dad for sticking up for him in court and making that shocking statement about the "20 minutes of action".

But you know who I blame the most?

I blame the judge for giving such a light punishment, and I blame the legal system that allows early release on 'good behavior' when the original jail time was so short!

You see, Brock had already raped, that's not something that could have been changed after the matter. And his father's opinions are also something that could not have been changed. The only thing that could have possibly made a difference was the sentence this rapist got and not letting him out early. 

This is the only thing that would have sent out the right message to any asshole who ever considered raping a woman - RAPE IS WRONG!

So on that note, I would like to say to the judge who thinks that 6 months is an appropriate punishment for rape - you have failed me. You have failed my daughters. You have failed your wife and your own kids. You have failed the people who put you in your position. You have failed as a judge.

My only hope is that the next time (and sadly there will be a next time) you have the opportunity to actually made a difference, you will take that opportunity and use the power you have to say ENOUGH!

Sending thoughts, hugs and prayers to all rape and sexual assault victims.

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