'I Have OCD. This Is What It’s Like to Be in My Mind for 3 Minutes.'

"I made this video to give people a little glimpse into my own galaxy."

"I'm looking forward to writing. I'm gonna write a lot. I feel great. My stomach's hurting. This is great. I hope it's not Ebola. Oh, god, it's Ebola."


This intense internal monologue is just a short excerpt from the life of someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). But it is a telling one.

According to International OCD Foundation, between 2 to 3 million adult Americans have OCD. One of those people is screenwriter and director Torre Catalano, who has OCD and anxiety. Back in February, Catalano filmed a short video offering a glimpse into the reality of someone living with the disorder.

In three minutes, he depicts how even the easiest tasks can become challenging when a person has to deal with a stream of intrusive thoughts preventing them from focusing and thinking clearly. 

"Even as I write this, I can feel the blood pulsing through my chest, pumping my heart, and I'm counting the beats. That's how my OCD works," Catalano writes a post on The Mighty.

Despite the burdening experience portrayed in the video, Catalano says he both dreads and appreciates his OCD: "The same thing that fuels those bizarre thoughts also fuels my art."

Take a look at the video below.

Catalano says that his goal is to assure people with OCD they are not alone, as well as educate others on what it feels like to live with such a complex disorder. To see more of his works, visit his website.

To learn more about OCD and find help, please visit the International OCD Foundation website.

(H/T: Lifehack)


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