This 'Rage Room' Isn't About Partying, It's About Breaking Things And Feeling Good About It

Don't hold back.

Sometimes too much stress just makes us want to break things.

But then, realizing that that it would be really unfortunate (and stupid) to completely destroy all of our belongings out of anger, we refrain.


But Toronto's first "Rage Room" allows people to relieve their stress and smash everything in sight into tiny pieces.

It "is a facility where you can let your hair down, gear up, and Rage out," a video featuring the room puts simply.

For just $20, people can choose from a menu of smash-able products, including plates, pictures, chairs, vases, and wine glasses.

Essentially, you buy, you break (not the other way around).

But really, why smash things?

Calum Marsh, an essayist and critic who visited the "Rage Room" with his wife, writes in an article for The Guardian: "It's a sort of therapeutic exercise: destruction as a bid to relieve tension. And it works." 

Moreover, Marsh says that he found himself I find myself "in the throes of a genuine thrill," fueled by adrenaline.

“You’re told all your life not to break things,” Timothy Cheung, a co-founder of the Rage Room tells The Guardian. “The Rage Room goes against it. It can’t help but be cathartic.”

So take it out on the "Rage Room," and maybe you'll feel a little bit better.

Watch the full video below:

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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