Bizarre April Fools Fails That Got The Pranksters In Huge Trouble

It's the kind of "joke" that backfires on the prankster.

1. Kansas DJs told their audience that the local water was contaminated and would cause sweating and skin wrinkling.


The prank resulted in 150 urgent calls to the water department and 30 calls to 911. The water officials found no humor in it and said it was akin to a terrorist act. 

4. Only a couple weeks into the job, a new employee thought it would be funny to call her manager to report the store being robbed.

Minutes later, she called back to say "April Fools'," but the police were already on the scene. Their journey wasn't wasted because they made an arrest after all... hers.

7. Romanian Playboy published an article called "How To Beat Your Wife Without Leaving Marks."

Not only did the public not find it funny, but it led to protests from women's rights groups. The publishers eventually apologized. 

10. A Romanian newspaper told readers that political prisoners would be freed.

60 people came from all over the country to see their loved ones freed. That's when they were informed it was only an April Fool's joke. The only fools were the writers at the paper for playing such a cruel prank. 

13. A woman convinced her sister that she accidentally shot her own husband and needed help dumping the body.

Once word spread around the family, someone reported her to the police. She was taken into custody before being released once they realized it was a prank gone wrong. 

16. In 1980, an American news station terrified viewers by reporting a deadly volcano eruption.

They intercut safety warnings from the president with old volcano footage which led to mass panic and evacuation. The television producer explained it was an April Fools' prank, but he was fired nonetheless. 

19. The victim of an April Fool's prank was hospitalized when his butt got stuck to a toilet seat wrapped in adhesive.

He had to leave the store with the seat attached and have it removed at the hospital. The prankster was never found. 

22. The Iraqi ambassador to Russia called a press conference revealing an American nuke killed British troops.

Reporters were stunned and shocked. He waited a minute and then followed up with "Only joking." Um, that's funny how?

25. California police got two phone calls claiming a high school was under siege with a mass shooting and bombs.

The school was evacuated. Police, firefighters, and helicopters arrived and eventually declared it safe. A 30-year-old man from Virginia was charged. He had a record of making this type of scary, illegal prank.

We're pretty sure some people just don't get the concept of April Fools' Day. It's supposed to be about fun, light hearted humor that puts a smile on someone's face. 

28. Hooters told staff that whoever sold the most beer on April 1st would win a Toyota. The winner was brought to a parking lot with a Star Wars toy Yoda doll.

The courts weren't amused with the "play on words" prank and ordered Hooters to pay the employee a settlement and give her a brand new Toyota of her choice. 

Watch the video above to get the full breakdown and share with all of your friends so they'll know what not to do.


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