Were You Fooled By These 10 Misconceptions About The United States?

Just in time for the 4th!

This weekend, the United States will celebrate its independence from Britain by setting off fireworks, grilling a bunch of food, and probably drinking a bit too much. There's nothing wrong with any of these activities, but why not celebrate with a little American history? 

Elliott Morgan from Mental Floss has broken down 10 of the top misconceptions about this fair country of ours, which can serve as fun conversation starters at any barbecues you attend this weekend:


1. The music for "The Star Spangled Banner" was NOT written by an American.

2. The United States played an important role in ending World War II, but the Soviets would have won it anyway.

3. Alaska has the most lakes of any state, not Minnesota.

4. Though the spirit of "separation of church and state" is in the Constitution, the exact phrase is not.

5. Uncle Sam was actually a real person.

6. Younger people were more in favor of the Vietnam War than the older generation.

7. There is not a clear link between IQ and voting habits.

8. Some Native American tribes didn't live all that differently from Europeans.

9. Despite its nickname of "The Sunshine State," Florida doesn't receive the most sunlight.

10. The Statue Of Liberty was not originally a welcome sign for immigrants.

How many of these threw you for a loop? 

If you're not convinced that the previous 10 statements are totally true, allow Elliott to explain each misconception in a bit more detail here:

[Header image credit: DreamSailors via flickr]


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