This Incredibly Smart Woman Has Found A Way To Stop Creepers From Hitting On Her

The "toothy" face.

In 2011, YouTube vlogger Jenna Marbles pioneered what most Internet users now know as "The Face," aka the stop creepy men dead in their tracks. 

Though Marbles had #blessed us with the anti-creep face many moons ago, a Brazilian woman came up with a deterrent of her own — and it actually works.


Here's what happened.

While walking to take care of some errands, Débora Adorno saw a man coming her way. From a Google translation of her Facebook post, it appears that she was experiencing street harassment. 

"As always with almost all women who dare to walk in the street unaccompanied I was getting a lot of cat calls... Unfortunately, we have to 'get used' to it," she wrote.

One of the common misconceptions about street harassment is that the action is well-meaning. But many women feel threatened when randomly approached by unknown men on the street.

Afraid to tell him to stop, because of what he might do to her, she made this face, instead.

She calls it the "Toothy Face."

It worked. The man walked away and no one approached her for the rest of the 10 minute walk.

She was ecstatic. At last she wasn't the one who was made uncomfortable in the aftermath of a cat call.

"And I felt SO good, so safe, I was in charge of the situation, and man, I was right!" she wrote.

And she hit the nail on the head. Street harassment, otherwise known as unwanted words or actions people, particularly women, receive on the street, is all about assertion of power. 

Because of the "Toothy Face," Adorno felt no fear and got agency over her own body back.

Now, others are joining in on the movement.

Someday, hopefully, women won't have to make funny faces to avoid harassment at all. Someday, hopefully, they'll get the respect they deserve.


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