Tony Hawk Has Great Advice For New Skateboarders — Both Young And Old

Watch him perform a 540 McTwist.

For those who don't know the difference between a 3 flip, a 360 flip, or a tre flip — spoiler alert: they're all the same trick — you're not alone. Wired had Tony Hawk answer some of Twitter's most-pressing skateboarding questions in the latest Tech Support segment, this time titled Skate Support. Besides the wealth of knowledge shared, we also got to see the legend in action.


The 49-year-old was asked about other tricks — such as eggplants, boardslides, and ollies — and didn't hesitate to show us how they're done, resulting in an extra-fun tutorial. Being such a pro, Hawk also showed us how to assemble a skateboard, said he is up for making another Pro Skater video game, and provided advice for newbies young or old.

When asked about the first trick he was able to do, Hawk explained that something as simple as clearing a curb was enough to "spark my interest in getting to the skate park and learning tricks." Now, decades later after finding a love for the sport, he is still going at it. "I'm 49. The end," he said when asked about not being a spring chicken anymore, proving age is just a number.

And, when someone asked about beginning to learn to skateboard later in life — adding the hashtag #midlifecrisis — Hawk explained that you can start at any age. "Just start slow," he offered up, via the Twitter account @SkateSupport_TH. "I don't think it's ever too late to start — and it's a great way of exercise."

Check out the full segment to hear what Hawk has to say about the gnarliest sport out there — and to see him pull off the hardest trick he ever learned, a 540 McTwist.


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