'The Tonight Show' Asks People Why They're Voting In The Midterms — With A Funny Twist

They make some good points.

The midterm elections are coming up, so Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon decided to find out why people think it's so important for Americans to make their voices heard and vote. As you might expect, this mission came with a twist — to ask people about why they're voting while they're getting a deep tissue massage.

Tonight Show writer Arthur Meyer asked New Yorkers to lie face-down on a massage chair and answer his questions while the masseur went to work on their muscles. Even though their answers to Meyer's questions sounded a little funny as a result, they still had some important things to say.


When asked why he's voting this November, one man answered, "Because I think it's an important time in our political climate, and people's voices need to be heard." Meanwhile, another participant said of people who don't vote, "I would say that if you don't like the outcome, that you can't really complain." 

You'll have to watch the segment for yourself to hear exactly how everyone answered (with a few expletives thrown in, of course). And if you're still in the mood for some Fallon-themed thoughts on why it's important to vote, be sure to check out the Schoolhouse Rock-style video the host made with Yara Shahidi last month to encourage young people to go to the polls.

See all the massages (and messages) for yourself in the video below:


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