Tommy Hilfiger And Runway Of Dreams Released A Brilliant Collection For Differently-Abled Children

A proud day for the fashion industry.

A fashion brand has just debuted one of the most important collections of the season.

Tommy Hilfiger, who just showed at this year's New York Fashion Week, and has been a longstanding member of the fashion community, partnered with Runway of Dreams, a nonprofit organization, founded by fashion designer and mother Mindy Scheier, that works "with the fashion industry to adapt mainstream clothing for the differently-abled community."

Together, Tommy Hilfiger and Runway of Dreams released a clothing collection for children with disabilities.

"Adaptive clothing will absolutely be that next department that we are going to see in our stores, in our society, as something that becomes very much a mainstream notion. I won't stop until it happens," Scheier says in a video for Runway of Dreams.

Scheier, whose son Oliver has Rigid Spine Muscular Dystrophy, told People that Oliver "felt strongly about being able to wear jeans like the other kids ... it didn't even cross his mind that it wasn't going to be an option for him."

So she created an option.

Now, Runway of Dreams and Tommy Hilfiger's latest 22-piece collection includes adaptive clothing with magnetic closures, waistbands, and adjustable sleeves and pants, among other features. 


Features: Faux button and cuff placket with concealed Patented MagnaReady┬« magnet closure system.Concealed Patented MagnaReady┬« magnet front opening and cuff. Runway of Dreams girls shirt, $39.50    

So far, the news seems to have a positive effect on many families.

"I just ordered a pair of girl jeggings for my 7-year-old daughter with CP [cerebral palsy] and wears an AFO [ankle-foot orthotics]. I showed her the video and she said, 'I have to have them.' Thank You," one woman writes on the Runway of Dreams Facebook page.

Another woman writes that every morning, she and her three children "on the autism spectrum" have a difficult time finding something to wear. But now, she can't wait to try these clothes. "[I'm] a very happy parent."

Photo by Richard Corman

Be sure to watch the full video below for more information:

Video by Helen Polise


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