Tom Hardy Has Zero Tolerance When Reporter Asks About His Sexuality


Tom Hardy isn't afraid to tell it like it is. 

The actor gave an honest response when a reporter insulted his co-stars by asking him a pretty sexist question, and this week at the Toronto Film Festival he stood up to yet another left-field question by the press. This time, about his sexuality. 

While sitting at a press conference for his new movie, Legend, a reporter asked Hardy about sexuality: "In the film you character Ronnie is very open about his sexuality. But given interviews you've done in the past, your own sexuality is a bit ambiguous. Do you find it hard for celebrities to talk to media about their sexuality?"

Hardy doesn't seem to understand the question. Or rather, he does, and asks the reporter to get to it.

"But what is your question?" he asks. 

"Do you find it difficult for celebrities to talk to media about their sexuality?"

"I don't find it difficult for celebrities to talk to media about their sexuality ..." he says.


"Are you asking me about my sexuality?"

"Sure," the reporter replies. 

"Why?" he asks, as the reporter stutters and gets cut off with a cold "thank you."

Now, the LGBT-centric media outlet Daily Xtra asked the question, which would make sense since its demographic deals with the world questioning its sexuality rather than talents, intelligence and rights on a daily basis. 

Daily Xtra wrote a response piece to Hardy's reaction, giving its side of the story. It claims that with more LGBT actors taking to the spotlight, on stage or for activism, their question was fair and one that other actors have answered.

"As Canada's gay and lesbian news source, we feel it's our responsibility to examine sexuality and the ways in which it's portrayed on screen, especially once it's in the public eye," it wrote. 

The reporter's question was based on Hardy's character possibly liking men and an interview Hardy had with Attitude magazine in 2008 about his fluid sexuality when he was younger:

Q: Have you ever had any sexual relations with men?

Hardy: As a boy? Of course I have. I'm an actor for f*ck's sake. I'm an artist. I've played with everything and everyone. But I'm not into men sexually.

Perhaps he thought he explained himself enough. 

Watch the full exchange below:

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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