Tom Hanks Sent The White House Press Corps An Espresso Machine (And A Note)

A little encouragement can go a long way.

If the White House press corps needed a pick-me-up, getting a gift from Tom Hanks should certainly qualify.

On Thursday, the press corps received a brand new espresso machine from Hanks. It was the third time he has made the gesture, and this time he included a note.


The letter read:

"To the White House Press Corps

Keep up the good fight for truth, justice and the American way. Especially for the truth part.

Tom Hanks"

Without question, the White House press corps could use the morale and energy boost. Since Sean Spicer has taken over as press secretary for the White House, things have been tense inside the White House briefing room.

On his first day, Spicer berated reporters for "inaccurately" reporting inauguration crowd sizes, accompanied by pictures depicting them, before leaving without taking questions. It was an unusual and combative way to start their relationship.

Since then, Spicer and the White House press corps have gotten tangled on several occasions; Spicer has been caught in a few "alternative facts" while the press corps has also been accused of misleading their readers or overreacting to stories (or reporting inaccurately, like when White House correspondent Zeke Miller incorrectly tweeted that Martin Luther King Jr.'s bust had been removed from the Oval Office).

Last week, Spicer made controversy when he refused CNN, The New York Times and a few other traditional media outlets from participating in a press gaggle inside the White House. It was seen as one of many moves meant to incite the media, which the White House has described as "the opposition."

Still, though, White House press corps reporters have been quite effective. They have pushed important leaks on executive orders and legislation to the public before it was announced, pressed Spicer on the administration's ties to Russia, and pushed for answers about a deadly raid in Yemen. 

Perhaps all this is why the White House press corps was so grateful to get a word of encouragement from Hanks. 

Hopefully, Hanks' gift helps keep White House reporters energized and on-point.

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