'America's Dad' Tom Hanks Gives The Country A Much-Needed Pep Talk On 'SNL'

"There's my big, grown nation."

2016 has been a pretty tough year, but thankfully Tom Hanks hosted Saturday Night Live for the ninth time over the weekend and gave us all the pep talk we needed to get through these last few months. The actor saw Esquire's recent article dubbing him "America's Dad" and decided to embrace the title, even though he admitted he would have preferred "Sexiest Man Alive."

During his monologue, Hanks donned a comfy cardigan and addressed the camera. "Hey, buddy," he said in his most fatherly tone. "There's my big, grown nation. How you doing, champ? So, rough year, huh? Yeah, I hear ya. You got a lot going on inside you."

Unfortunately, he can't help us with our debt (he's a millionaire, not a trillionaire), and he thinks we might have a few too many guns, but he has some welcome words of encouragement to keep us going. We shouldn't worry about China being better than us, he says, because we're creative. "You went to the moon, you invented the internet, you created a cannon that shoots T-shirts."

Hanks knows we're going to make the right decision in a couple of weeks. "But no matter what happens," he reminds us, "I'm proud of you."


Hear all of our dad's wisdom in the video below:


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