Tom Hanks Was One Of A Thousand People To Send Postcards To This Girl For Her Birthday

"This postcard is too awesome not to share."

A girl battling leukemia recently received a birthday surprise from actor Tom Hanks, as well as more than 1,000 other people around the world. It was part of a request by Vanessa Kelly for her daughter Aspen, who is turning 13 on September 1.

As Aspen isn't able to travel due to her illness, her mom posted on Facebook asking that people send postcards for her birthday. "She would love to see a beautiful place, or something cool and exciting from other places she's never been to before," Kelly wrote, adding her hope to receive cards from all 50 states and six continents.


The response was overwhelming, with hundreds sharing Kelly's post. The mom updated it with a P.O. box address, and according to CBS News, Aspen received postcards from all 50 states and 49 countries. 

One of those cards came from none other than Tom Hanks, who sent it from Greece. Kelly shared a photo of the card on Facebook, writing, "This postcard is too awesome not to share, and I'm totally geeking-out right now!" She confirmed it was really from Hanks by comparing his handwriting, adding that "he's in Greece right now."

Hanks included a photograph of himself with the card, and wrote, "Aspen - I hope this arrives in time for your HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY! LOVE YOU!"

Kelly has been collecting the cards for Aspen in a box for her to open on her birthday. One exception is a card from Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, with Kelly writing on Facebook that Aspen "couldn't help herself, when the Governor of Oklahoma sends you a card in the mail, you open it."

It's not surprising that Hanks went out of his way to help make a young girl's birthday special. In 2016, he responded to a fan's letter with a Polaroid of himself and a message typed on his personal letterhead. He has also sent an espresso machine to the White House Press Corps several times over the years, and once returned a college student's lost I.D. card.

They don't call him "America's Dad" for nothing.

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