Tom Hanks Responded To This Fan's Letter Like Only Tom Hanks Can

"This Polaroid has been developing as I have been typing."

Actor Tom Hanks, also known as "America's Dad," is one of Hollywood's most beloved celebrities — and with good reason. He never seems to let stardom go to his head, and he always goes above and beyond for his fans (like the time he found a college student's ID card and took to Twitter to make sure she got it back).

So it's really no surprise that he would respond to a fan's letter with more than your standard signed head shot. A Reddit user shared this week that their friend Zena sent fan mail to Hanks "on a whim," and received a speedy and highly personalized response. Specifically, a Polaroid selfie in which Hanks is holding Zena's own photo up next to his face, as well as a letter typed on his personal letterhead.


Hanks explains in the letter that his head shot is "not all that current" and adds that he would "come off vain sending [it] along," so he sent a new picture instead. "This Polaroid has been developing as I have been typing," he adds. The actor also shares his admiration for Zena's city of Toronto, which he calls a "damn fine town." He asks if she's ready for Christmas and goes on to talk about his 1996 movie That Thing You Do!, which she presumably mentioned in her letter.

See the actor's photo and the accompanying letter above. Then start waiting around for the next amazing Tom Hanks story. It probably won't be long.

(H/T: Today)


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