Tom Cruise And Jimmy Fallon Act Out Scenes From 'The Mummy' Written By Kids

"I know I look weird. I'm 2,000 years old."

Jimmy Fallon brought back one of our favorite Tonight Show segments on Tuesday night — Kid Theater. This time, he was joined by Tom Cruise to act out a few new interpretations of his upcoming movie The Mummy.

Much like previous incarnations featuring Ben Affleck's The Accountant and Channing Tatum's Magic Mike, the show asked kids to write scenes based only on the movie's title. Fallon and Cruise then acted out three of the funniest scripts for the audience.

Unsurprisingly, the stories have very little to do with the actual plot of The Mummy — any version. The only thing linking them together is that they all feature a mummy as one of the characters. In one scene, a skeleton and a mummy have a falling out. In another, both a mummy and a sheep have hiccups.

But perhaps the funniest line of the whole segment comes from a scene in which Cruise plays a mummy and Fallon plays someone named Charlie. They bond over their shared love of hot dogs.


"I like mine with ketchup," says Fallon as Charlie.

"I like mine with dust," replies Cruise as the mummy.

Neither Fallon nor the audience can contain their laughter. We can't wait to see if any of these kids grow up to be screenwriters.

Witness every hilarious scene for yourself in the video below:


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