This Woman Used Toilet Paper To Achieve Perfect Curls

Definitely trying this.

Can you curl your hair using nothing but toilet paper?


Toilet paper hair curling is apparently a thing, which could offer a cheap, damage-free alternative to curling irons and hot rollers. If it actually gives you curls you'd want to leave the house in, that is. 

YouTube beauty vlogger Nicole Skyes decided to try it on her tresses as part of her Beauty Hack or Wack? video series, where she tests out beauty tricks to see if they're actually worth your while.  

The process is surprisingly simple and should be done before bedtime.  

Tear off about three sheets of toilet paper and fold them in half.

Separate a section of your hair. Wrap the hair around the toilet paper all the way up to your scalp and then fold it into a knot.

"Try not to make the knot too tight because it will break," Skye says in the video. 

Continue this process until all of your locks are securely rolled into toilet paper knots. Then, sleep on them. Skye found it to be comfortable. It is just paper after all. 

When you wake up, unroll all of the toilet paper.

Brush out your hair with your fingers and voilà! Beautiful curls.

"I absolutely love this. I might have to do this more often," Skye says when her curls are revealed. "I am so in love with this. It is so pretty. They're full, beautiful curls." 

OK, so putting toilet paper in your hair doesn't sound like the most glamorous thing to do, but who cares when the end result looks that good? Plus, not using any heat will keep your hair healthier and health should always come first. 

Watch Skye's whole video below:

(H/T: Cosmopolitan UK


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