A Nudist Yogi Met A Hijab Designer And Had A Fascinating Conversation

"I view modesty as a virtue."

In many ways, Melanie and Willow are two completely different women.

Melanie makes a living designing high-fashion hijabs for modest dressers. Willow, on the other hand, is a nudist who owns and teaches at one of the only nude yoga classes in the country. But despite their differences, Melanie and Willow both had similar, conservative upbringings. And each say that their lifestyle is a form of women's empowerment. 

"I view modesty as a virtue," Melanie told A Plus. "I'm making a conscious decision to privatize my sexuality."

"On a basic level, being naked just feels so much better," Willow said. "Folks who want to cover up and be very conservative, the reason why it doesn't work for me is I don't feel like I own that. I find more safety and comfort in my naked space."

In an A Plus original video, those two women — so wildly different on the surface — are brought together to share a meal and discuss how clothes (and lack thereof) empower each of them. 

To find out if they have more in common than first meets the eye, watch Together She Stands above.


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