Taylor Swift Says She's 'Speechless' After Hearing This Artist's Mashup Of Her Songs

Todrick Hall does it again.

Todrick Hall, a singer and viral video extraordinaire, has an impressive collection of popular song covers, many of which are viewed millions and millions of times. 

Take, for example, his '90s Disney mashup or his killer Beyoncé cover, both reaching four to five million people — or more.

Now, Hall takes on on a Taylor Swift mashup in a video that features him on four different screens, each sectioned off to have their own little flair. 

Each screen coordinates, interacts and sings alongside the others in a mashup executed so perfectly you'd almost think Swift made it that way.


Over the course of five minutes, Hall covers our Swift favorites from "Love Story" to "Bad Blood" to "Shake It Off," "Mean," and "Wildest Dreams," among others.

He uses verses, choruses, and quick one-liners from the different songs alongside energetic dance moves to ensure you'll play it again (and again, and again, and again...).

At the end of the video, Hall explains how much he admires Swift as both a person and as an artist. And then, much to Hall's excitement, Swift took notice:

And then...

Well deserved. Be sure to watch the full video below:


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