A Bunch Of Toddlers Looking Like Old People Is Exactly What You Need To Brighten Your Day

So many Benjamin Buttons.

In case you think your own child might be Benjamin Buttoning, there's no need to fear. Apparently, it's completely normal for toddlers to look like adorable grannies and grandpas. 

This Reddit thread, which encourages parents to submit photos of their kids looking old beyond their tender years, is on fire. Parents from around the world are sharing pictures of their kids looking like the've seen it all already. And in all fairness, it's pretty hilarious.

Scroll down to see a whole bunch of underage oldies. 


Doing taxes.

Where did my teeth go.

That outfit of yours is not really appropriate.

Darling, what's the room temperature in here?

Judging youngsters. Judging really hard.

Oh, where was I?

That's not how things were back in my day...

Do we have more biscuits, my dear?

Disappointed by politicians.

You kids, get off my lawn!

So not convinced.

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(H/T: Design Taxi)


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