Miracle Surgery Reattaches Toddler's Head After Horrendous Crash

Truly astonishing.

Two weeks ago, this family was involved in a horrendous head on car crash in Australia.


The mother, Rylea Taylor, estimated they were going about 70 mph at the time of the accident.

The daughter, Shane, had some abdominal injuries, but Jaxon suffered much worse.

Even though Jaxon was in a horrible state, he was airlifted to Brisbane, where "The Godfather of Spinal Surgery" took the 16-month-old boy under his care.

Dr. Geoff Askin said, "a lot of children wouldn't survive that injury..." and even if they did, would probably never move again.

The reason the injury was so severe was because the force of the car crash pulled Jaxon's "head and neck apart" according to the video below.

This was the worst case "The Godfather" had ever seen.

In order to save Jaxon, the doctor had to attach a "halo" to his head and neck. Once that was attached, other surgeons held the young boy perfectly still while Dr. Askin reattached his vertebrae with a wire.

The surgery took six hours to complete, but now Jaxon is ready to go home "any day" and will be brace free in eight weeks.

Watch the amazing story below.


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