Toddler Channels Her Inner 'Girl Power' By Dressing Up Like Fierce Celebrity Icons

These are some strong role models.

Fashion is an incredible medium for expression, whether you're showing off your individuality or paying tribute to those who inspire you. One 3-year-old girl named Scout Larson knows this well, and isn't shy about her love of fashion and her admiration for strong, confident women. 

In a series of Instagram photos, Scout poses in outfits inspired by such women as Emma Watson, Malala YousafzaiCarrie Fisher, Frida Kahlo, and Adele. These women have made significant waves in film, music, art, and beyond, and have spoken openly about topics like gender equality, feminism, and mental health, too. 

Scout's mother, Ashley Jinks Larson, tells A Plus that she started the photo series after her own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, adding that it helps to keep her mind busy.

"As I planned and styled the outfits, I found myself gravitating more toward strong, fierce women. I didn't want to portray Scout as dainty and delicate because that's not what women are. I was watching my mother totally kick cancer's butt, and I could not believe the amount of strength that took. Women are fighters! If Scout takes anything from this entire thing, I want it to be that being intelligent, resilient, and compassionate is so much more important than just having a pretty face. Real beauty is who you are, not what you look like."


When it comes to picking their female subjects, Ashley says she asks herself if she'd be proud to see Scout emulate that particular female. She then teaches Scout about the women prior to their shoot. And of course, Scout has her say, too. 

"This project is about her and I want her to make the decisions with me. She's such a rad kid and I want her to know her opinion matters. Another important thing to note is that even though she is emulating different people, we fiercely encourage her to be exactly what she wants to be."

"We make sure to always tell her and her brothers [that] 'you have the ability to be anything you decide to be' and I really hope that sticks."

When asked what kinds of qualities she thinks young girls should look for in their female role models — and how she encourages this with Scout — Ashley hones in on the importance of confidence. 

"Being a mom is tough. As a kid, I was so self-conscious and that is the last thing I want for my daughter. I think the most important things you should look for in a role model are empathy, strength, and the ability to look past the things that are unimportant. Too often, we get hung up on the details and it takes the joy out of life. I want Scout to be confident in who she is and what she stands for."

We love Ashley and Scout's incredible work, and we hope that it further encourages young kids to not only find the best role models but to remember to be their best selves, too.

Check out more of Scout's photoshoots below:

(H/T: HuffPost)


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