This Toddler Has Started His Ninja Training, And The Cuteness Is Too Much

Chuck Norris better watch his back.

When it comes to athletic greatness, it's important to start training as early as possible. There's a new little ninja out there who knows this all too well and has already begun training to be an unstoppable warrior. A video of this adorable ninja-to-be was uploaded onto YouTube by user Trung Duy.

The video isn't the greatest quality, but the cuteness comes through loud and clear.


First, he started with an exercise in quick feet.

Next, he progressed to jumping over obstacles.

The balance beam came next, but this proved to be more difficult than it looked.

Ducking under the first obstacle was no sweat.

Things got more challenging when the bar was dropped lower.

He was all smiles when he finally crossed the finish line.

Check out the adorable ninja in training here:

[All images via: Trung Duy]


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