Adorable Toddler Explains Why She Cut Her Own Hair

A cute first try.

Jennifer Clark of St. Augustine, Florida was away at a weekend conference, so she left her husband Chad in charge of watching the children. Their daughter, Ansleigh, was alone in her bedroom. Her father thought she was just reading a book or watching a cartoon. But when he walked into the room, he saw what his daughter had done.


Ansleigh cut the front and sides of her hair with a pair of scissors.

"My first thought was, 'Oh crap, my wife is going to kill me!' And my second thought was, 'On the bright side, she will never leave me alone for the weekend with the kids again,'" Clark said to TODAY.

Little Ansleigh said she wanted to cut her hair because Jessica, their hairdresser, does it.

"But Ms. Jessica went to school to learn how to cut hair," Clark said to his daughter in the video.

"I want to know how to do it really too," Ansleigh said.

That’s when this adorable toddler started to weep.

Ansleigh just wanted to practice cutting hair like Jessica, but her father is concerned that she would run out of her own hair to practice. Ansleigh then promised never to cut her own hair again.

"I sure do love you," Clark said to her in the video.

Ansleigh still wants to be a hairdresser like Jessica someday.

"That's what I'm going to do when I get big," Ansleigh said. "I don't know if I'm going to have scissors when I get bigger."

"We'll get you some scissors when you get bigger," Clark said.

Jessica also offered to fix Ansleigh's hair "experiment" to make it look pretty.

Watch the full video:


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