Toddler Bexlee Marie Lip-Syncs Adele's 'Hello'

So precious.

Two-year-old Bexlee Marie was in the car with her mother when Adele's hit song "Hello" came on the radio. Her mother, YouTube user Tangee McMahon, recorded the toddler reacting to the song with an adorable lip synch.

It's true that there have been other renditions of "Hello" since its recent release, including some from celebrities and dancers, but there is something special about a toddler doing it.

Bexlee Marie's face lit up when she first heard the song in the car.


She took a sip from a Chick-fil-A cup… to clear her throat before singing.

Then she lip-synced to the song by opening her mouth wide open.

She also tried to say “how are you?”

The YouTube video already has over 800,000 views…and growing.

Watch the full video:


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