He Battled Back From The Brink After Suffering From Addiction. Now He Has More To Live For.

From trying to find his way to triathlete.


Todd Crandell struggled with drugs and alcohol for 13 long years. And his addictions would have killed him if, during his recovery process, he hadn't gotten involved in "extreme physical fitness and personal well-being" in the form of triathlons.

In 1999, Crandell took part in his first such event, and since that time has swum, cycled and ran in 16 triathlons and 40 half triathlons around the world. 

His path to battling substance abuse also evolved into his role as a champion for sobriety, having founded the Racing for Recovery nonprofit organization, and helping "prevent all forms of substance abuse by promoting a lifestyle of fitness and health for all those affected by addiction."

"Utilize your past to benefit where you are today," he says in the above video.

Learn more about Crandell's inspiring story in the clip above.


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