These Packing Travel Hacks Will Make You So Ready To Escape The Cold To Head Somewhere Warm

We're already packing our bags.

As temperatures drop, you may be itching to pack your bags and head someplace warm. But prepping to travel can sometimes be stressful, which is why having a few handy travel hacks up your sleeve can make all the difference. 

Packing, in particular, can be a struggle — like when you're trying to fit all your sweaters and jeans into a carry-on, or when you're trying to stuff all your shoes and toiletries into one bag. But, fear not! A video from TODAY presents us with two very useful packing hacks we can all use.  

To begin, the person in the video demonstrates a unique way to fold a pair of denim jeans, a traveling staple. Rather than just fold or roll them up normally, we are shown how to fold one leg on a diagonal before rolling the jeans and folding them entirely into that leg. 

The same tucking technique goes for sweaters: lay the sweater flat and cuff the bottom hem. Cross the sleeves, fold the sweater up into thirds, and then tuck the sweater into the hem for the perfect little sweater bundle. 

Of course, these aren't some of the only packing hacks we've taken with us on our vacations: Rachel Grant used these techniques to pack 100 items into her carry on, for example. 

Check out the full video below and safe travels! 



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