A Politician Attempted To Save An Injured Officer's Life During The London Attack

Tobias Ellwood was seen giving CPR and mouth-to-mouth to a police officer who had been stabbed.

After an assailant drove his car into a London crowd and stabbed a police officer, many ran in fear. But Foreign Office Minister Tobias Ellwood ran towards the officer to save his life, according to the BBC.

Photographers, police, aides to the politician and Twitter users on the scene corroborated reports that the British Conservative Party member did his best to keep the officer alive with CPR and mouth-to-mouth following the March 22 attack. Unfortunately, the officer did not survive his wounds. His attacker was shot and killed by police.

Ellwood, a former soldier, stayed with the injured officer until an ambulance airlift arrived. According to the London-based newspaper The Telegraph, he did his best to stem the wounds and was later seen with bloody hands talking to police officers. 

Police are referring to Wednesday's attack as a terrorist attack. Twitter users and global citizens are coming together with the hashtag #WeAreNotAfraid, which quickly began trending after the attack, as reported by Metro

The unidentified assailant drove his car into a group of pedestrians and then stabbed a police officer, several reports say. With news breaking that four people were killed and 20 others were injured, support, prayers and calls for unity have come from every corner of the world.

The #WeAreNotAfraid hashtag was one of two that was widely shared on Twitter. Others blasted out notes encouraging people to #PrayForLondon. Some tweets captured heart-wrenching and powerful moments in the wake of the attack.

Joe Watts, a political editor at the London-based The Independent, also tweeted about an incredible moment he witnessed as paramedics tried to save both the lives of the victims and the life of the attacker. 

As more details of the attack come out, support continues to pour in for the officer, the victims, heroes like Elwood and the many members of London's emergency services who rushed to the scene to help.

March 23 update: At the time this article was published, leading news agencies reported there were four or five dead. This number has since been adjusted to four, including the attacker.

Cover photo: Shutterstock / Distinctive Shots.


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