13 Tips To Stop Procrastinating You Should Definitely Read Right Now

Don't wait until tomorrow.

Almost every procrastinator thinks, "I'll do it ... later." And when "later" arrives, suddenly they find more time available to put off the task at hand. While there might be some benefits to procrastinating, putting things off can often result in more stress, and can negatively impact the final result of your project or goal.

To find out how to stop procrastinating, one person took to Reddit to ask the online community. People are responding with their tips and tricks. They're things that you will want to read now. 

Scroll down to see 13 people's advice on how to stop procrastinating and get things done.


1. Have a mental trigger for procrastination phrases.

2. Look at what you have to do, then start a bit of it.

3. Break things down into more manageable mini tasks.

4. Set a deadline ahead of the "official" one.

5. Give yourself a clear designated block of time for work.

6. Give yourself a small amount of time to get started.

7. Write out a list and tick things off as you complete them.

8. Acknowledge the mental hurdle.

9. Eliminate online distractions and get started.

10. Flip the script and put off procrastinating.

11. Put things into perspective, and realize there might not be a later.

12. Look at what procrastination does to you.

13. Weigh your risks and rewards for procrastinating.

Cover image via  Yulia Grigoryeva / Shutterstock


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