17 Hilarious Things Your Pets Wish You Knew

Such raw honesty.

We often wonder what amazing things our pets are thinking about us. Unfortunately, part of us knows when they look at us lovingly they're probably thinking about how dumb we are to put up with all they make us go through. Illustrator Christopher Rozzi has an idea of what our pets are thinking, and in his series Tiny Confessions, he reveals what our pets have been thinking all along. If you like these, check out the Tiny Confessions wall calendar, where you can keep in mind what your pet's thinking all year long.


1. My bad.

2. Anyone have a hair clip?

3. Furniture murder is delightful.

4. Let's stick to proper names please.

5. We won't judge if you won't.

6. As long as you have snacks.

7. He was just looking for a Sharpie.

8. The short one's not doing well.

9. But only slightly.

10. Don't you know Morse code?

11. Sorry not sorry.

12. He'll end up eating it anyway.

13. You've been missing out on some beautiful poetry.

14. It wasn't that cute anyway.

15. Thank goodness for those dainty ears.

16. None whatsoever.

17. And he sees some dark stuff.


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