Artist Goes On 17 First Tinder Dates To Take These Very Intimate Portraits

Reporting live from a Tinder date.

Kirra Cheers is an artist and, judging by her Tinder dating history, a real femme fatale.

Over a period of two months, Cheers went on 17 first Tinder dates that she then documented on her blog.  At the end of every single date she would ask her Tinder princes (and princess) if she could take their photo. Her project, titled "Tinderella," led to 11 very intimate black and white portraits and 11 second dates.

"I believe the resulting portraits are a reflection of a number of factors," Cheers explains on her website. "The dynamic between myself and the person I was photographing, how much I had to drink throughout the course of the date, how tired I was and my level of attraction both physically and mentally."

Cheers also believes that the decision to pose for the portraits or to bow out early mirrors the level of self-esteem that each date had. After all, being compared to others can be rather intimidating.

Scroll down to take a peek at Cheer's personal dating experience.


If you'd like to read more about this project, head straight to Cheers' website.

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